Thursday, December 24, 2009

dari alor setar ke JB

last weekend we made the almost impossible journey from utara to selatan after much debates and nagging from mama n hubby.thank god i was not having severe cramps.i told myself and every muscles in my body..please be strong to tahan the long journey.please please please allow me to go and see my luvly friend shaz on her wedding day..i swear in this world there are only 2 weddings compulsory for me to attend,its a sin if i didnt go.hers is one of them.alhamdullilah..i got to see her as non double chin no spare tyre glamorous fabulous ratu sehari.i am so happy for her..god knows when is the next time we'll be meeting each other again.tapi mmg puas hati eden

after balik rase kesian sgt tgk my hero..hubby huhu.he looked so tired having to drive all the way.massaging me,entertaining my antics,taking care of me every steps of the way.he just smiled and smiled..i heart you B.thank you so much for doing this for means the world to me.sayang janji nanti sayang bagi upah best heheh

we got to do detail scan for munchkin also.munchkin looks so healthy and happy.she already has a good weight..2.5kg.which is bigger than me when i was born.way to go anak mummy!

hmm now im just waiting to do my last call.tak sabar nak abiskan so that i can focus on preparing for munchkin.i think most of her things are ready but my things are far from packed.i pray that she doesnt choose to pop out too early hehe

Monday, December 07, 2009

what i wanna do

but i cant..yet!

laser eye treatment..bile glasses ade masalah n mata menjadi rabun..and my colleague said she cud drive to the hospital for check up only after 1 day post treatment..
rase nak oncall back to back to make the money for the costs a fortune!!
(untuk org mcm saye laaa huhu)

not to terasa when some people say/do sth..but i still do..well we are human beings..nak buat camne..buat bodo je laa
agar tiada perang dunia tercetus semula

tak penat lepas oncall and ceria untuk berjalan/beraktiviti ke mana2 bile hubby/family ajak saye..susah woooo
sangat susah..try laaa oncall..try sendiri
lagi tak try kompem tak paham
sorg staff nurse saye yg dah keje berpuluh tahun kat sepital tuh smalam tanye camne oncall ni sebenanye..cite la kat die tanye saye..apsal laa dr nak jadi dr??saye cakap..dah termaktub dlm idop saye agaknye
see !org yg keje ngan kitorg pon tak paham..ape lagi org yang penah masuk sepital untuk melawat sahaja..i wont waste my time to make u guys understand..

risau nih takut ade anak kang ngantuk mase jage die lepas oncall..tapi colleagues saye ok je..shud be ok kot..
its all about willpower!!

nak masuk sehati tgk org dancing ngan spouse ni..sangat suweeeeetttt..

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


we are at the 8th month..

work is still as bz as ever..had a dragging meeting today..the conclusion is a new motto for our department..WORK LESS AND GET PROMOTED!its a long story.. just feel like writing bout my random thoughts

am afraid of a lot of things lately

been asking around for a nanny..many are heart just didnt have enough trust to leave my lil baby with anyone except hubby..unfortunately he obviously wont make to the list of possible nanny..except maybe during the weekend

bibik?bottom most in the list..dont want my baby to speak with a weird accent plus i am not comfortable having a stranger in the house

second..fear of having to go through a 32 weeks,baby is still breech..aka upside down with its legs nicely tucked in front of its belly which makes vaginal birth praying everyday that it'll turn while doing its sommersault..c-section comes with a lot of complications hence i would do anything to avoid it

third..fear of not being good enough a parent..well if u look at my diet during my pregnancy..u'll understand what i mean.while other mothers are bz storing as much nutrients as possible for their babies..i just eat anything i could grab..while they are researching for ways to teach their babies calculus from an early stage..i just slept on my non call nights..or maybe tried to bloghop and learn something..rarely..

and the list goes on and on..

cant even take good care of am i going to take care of a small baby all alone..

i have to take a deep breath and and and out..phewwww

on a different note

i HEART fresh orange..cant get enough of em..slurp!if bole dapat segelas now heavennyerrrrrr

Saturday, November 21, 2009

1st anniversary

...rasanya baru semalam aku melafazkan penerimaan nikah isteri tersayang dihadapan Allah dan bersaksikan imam masjid wilayah persekutuan dan seluruh hadirin lain...sesunguhnya masa berganjak sekelip mata...rasanya pagi ini sungguh hebat...macam semalam merupakan malam pertama...hehehe...dada ini masih kuat berdebar pada kali pertama melihat aurat isteri tercinta..hahaha...aku tak akan lupakan saat terkakunya aku pada kali pertama melihat isteriku lengkap berpakaian..tapi tanpa tudung..setiap helai rambutnya bersinar....huhhh...hehehe...
hmm..esok genaplah setahun pernikahan kami...tapi tak terasa langsung masa setahun tu...setiap saat berlalu dengan gelak tawa dan air mata kebahagiaan....begitu hebat rasa ini...sesungguhnya..aku sujud padaMU ya Allah dengan penuh rasa syukur dengan jodoh dan kebahagiaan ini...
....sekarang aku menanti isteri tercinta pulang...dia ada scoop(scoop ni adalah proses masukkan kamera/teropong kechik dalam anggota badan nak cari wife aku lah kata...)...tapi tengahari ni kami akan ke penang...honeymoon..stay kat hotel Golden sand resort shang ri la...batu giler tido kat hotel pada malam pertama anniversary...hahaha..malam ni plak ada special dinner...esok plak ada photoshot kat studio..kami nak bergambar kat studio...aku dah lama plan nak bergambar ngan wifey kat studio...tak sabar nak bergambar ngan wanita cun melecun yang sedang mengandung...hehehe

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...............

Tuesday, November 03, 2009



update from the north..

today for no reason asyik penat je..pegi keje pon lambat
and baby munchkin gave a me a scare of my didnt move the whole day..i was in the OT thinking if baby is ok..usually during calls it wud be me who didnt realise its movement coz i'll be so absorbed in work..but in OT we'll be quite static..and nada!not a single kick!3 pm i went down to Obs clinic and had a looked fine enuff..legaaaa mummy..

so where should i start..we are a day shy of 7 month,munchkin is 1.1 kg to be precised now.usually very active..still no pattern of activity and sleep yet.sometimes it'll be awake at 3 am in the morning,kicking while im having my leg sweet temankan eden mase eden tgh so happy nowadays..ade teman pegi mane2..bile makan pon tak la makan sorg dgn muke toye dah..ade little baby making sommersaults in my womb..approved of the food choice hehe

we've had our detail scan..and the most prominent features munchkin has is a sharp chin..which neither me nor hubby has.we decided it will look like tok kedah.more so in my side of the family,all first borns will usually look like their paternal grandma..hence the conclusion.i should have taken hubby's photo after the scan..he looked so angau as if he was walking on cloud 9..i was almost jealous of the baby *grin*.we were just in time to see it in was sucking its thumb..then gulp down the amniotic fluid..crossed its long legs..mummy really wants it to have papa's height and long lashes.papepon asalkan munchkin sihat..mummy sebenanye tak kisah.

we already have a name for munchkin..almost has both our names in it hehe.i have a new craze for baby stuffs..seronot!! dah lame tak rase seronot shopping macam now..we didnt buy expensive cloths coz baby will grow up fast.but we did invested a bit for gadgets..bole pass to our coming babies insyaAllah =D.kesian hubby laaa..since i rarely have time..i heret him around KL in 3 days trying to get everything.everyday he pengsan right after we reached home.kat SP..i online window shopping from my couch..every single day..sgt best hihi

im doing my final countdown..we are reaching our BIG Day in a few weeks time.looking was the best year of my life..and i know that many more are coming our way

i could never thank the Almighty enough for hubby
He has made me blissfully happy every second that passed
i thank Allah that hubby sees beauty in my flaws
thank Him that hubby is amused by my silliness and weakness
I am full of gratitudes for every gestures and comfort he gave me
i cherished every laugh and tear we shared together

i pray that hubby is happy
there are so many things i havent done for him
i am yet to bake his favourite moist choc cake
i am yet to master the best way to goreng koay teow
but i hope he'll give me a lifetime due date to do everything for him
and i swear i will try my very best..
i am not good with words as he is..but i hope he can feel the love in the air everytime he thinks of me

cant wait to see hubby talks to munchkin this weekend..its the most beautiful picture i've captured in my heart

Sunday, October 25, 2009

kami mengandung

"KAMI mengandung,dah nak masuk 7bulan"...itulah yang aku akan jawab,setiap kali pertanyaan tentang isteriku...aku akan menggunakan kata ganti diri 'kami' untuk menunjukkan bahawa..pemengandungan tersebut adalah kerna hasil usaha dan kerja keras kami berdua secara kerjasama dan kordinasi yang hebat...hehehe..

...kadang kala kami berdua akan berdiri depan cermin untuk saling membandingkan perut siapa yang lebih maju kedepan...aku cuma dapat mendahului pada 3bulan pertama kandungan isteriku...sekarang dia jauh mengatasi aku...hehe..tetapi sekarang aku nak undur kebelakang kembali perutku ini...walaupun kajian telah membuktikan bahawa boroi itu salah satu tanda kebahagiaan....tapi aku tak rela...hehehe

Alhamdulilah..kami dalam fasa terakhir persediaan untuk menerima kehadiran ahli baru dalam keluarga kami ini...segala kelengkapan baby telah hampir sempurna...bak kata isteri ku..kalau terbesalin sekarang..dah adalah kelengkapan baby nak dibawa...hmmm...bila disebut tentang kelengkapan baby sekarang ni..memang jauh berubah dari zaman aku dulu....sekarang barang baby memang canggih sungguh...tilam baby sekarang pun dah ada yang anti macam2...anti kuman lah..anti hamalah..anti lemas lah...memang canggihlah...botol susu plak..siap ada sterilzer lagi nak matikan kuman...memang kena study dan pandai pilihlah brand yang sesuai dan terbaik...aku plak dah macam ibu2 plak...pantang pi shopping complex..memang habis lah kedai baby aku singgah...tapi memang satu kepuasan dan keseronokkan bila membeli belah barang baby ni bersama isteri tercinta...walaupun satu kuala lumpur aku redah...memang tak rasa letih langsung...tapi bila balik tidur..sure tido mati punya...heheeh...
so sekarang ni aku rasa aku dah layak untuk menjadi penasihat barang2 baby ni...dari botol susu sampai ke sikat baby aku dah boleh bagi nasihat dah buat kawan2 yg terkial-kial mencari maklumat lagi...hehehe....

....sebagai seorang lelaki yang bakal menjadi ayah kepada anak aku sendiri...memang merasa sangat gembira..sukar untuk dilafazkan dengan sebarang kata atau apa sahaja...hanya tangan dapat menadah kelangit dan bersujud kepada Allah betapa bersyukurnya aku dikurniakan rezeki permata hati ini...dan yang paling membahagiakan aku ialah...anak aku mempunyai seorang ibu yang sangat hebat...wanita paling sempurna dalam hidupku...wanita yang paling layak untuk menjadi ibu kepada zuriatku...dan aku telah menunaikan tanggungjawab pertama buat anakku..iaitu memberikan seorang ibu yang terhebat buat permata hatiku ini...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

ramadhan 2009

alhamdulilah...ramadhan pertama yang kusambut sebagai seorang suami kepada isteri tercinta....sesungguhnya ramadhan kali ini membawa sejuta erti yang sungguh membahagiakan dan sukar sekali untuk mengungkapkan kebahagiaan ini dengan apa bentuk sekali pun.....ramadhan kali ini kami mulakan dengan berbuka puasa di rumah ibuku di aloq staq...sangat beerti bila semua adik2 ku dan kedua ibu bapaku semeja menjamah hidangan berbuka....meja panjang yang mempunyai 8 kerusi itu terpaksa ditambah dua lagi untuk ahli baru...hehehe..isteri dan adik iparku....aku melihat riak gembira dan bahagia dimata ayah dan ibu...
.....opssss...isteriku dan terjaga dari tidur...waduhh...tak dapat nak tulis apa-apa lagi...nak tengok time lah tulih lagi....

Saturday, August 01, 2009

sayang & babyyy

bagaimana perasaan kali pertama menyentuh anak sendiri...bagaimana perasaan kali pertama melihat anak sediri...bagaimana rasanya bila mendengar tangisan anak sendiri..hmmm...dan sesungguh aku dah tak sabar nak memeluk baby ku sendiri...aku sekarang asyik dok pikir tentang baby jer....macam-macam aku pikirkan tentang dia...sampai angau dah ni...hehehe....

Alhamdulilah aku amat bersyukur dengan rezeki dan amanah dari Allah ini kerana dikurniakan zuriat dan cahaya mata buatku bersama isteri...anak ini akan menjadi bukti betapa dalamnya cintaku kepada isteri ku....aku amat bersyukur kepada Ilahi kerana mengurniakan aku isteri sehebat isteri tercinta....sesungguhnya aku telah memilih seorang ibu yang sempurna buat anakku...moga kejelitaan,kebijaksaan,keimanan dan semua yg terbaik yg ada padamu isteri akan diwarisi anak kita...

tadi semasa aku mengemas barang2 lama ku....aku menyimpan kad library masa sekolah..kad kemajuan pelajar dari darjah satu sampai sekolah menengah..aku terjumpa buku derma darah aku...dah hari ini aku baru tahu yang darah aku jenis O...selama ini aku ingat darah aku jenis AB...tersilap...heheh...dan yang paling aku gembira ialah darah isteri ku juga jenis O....dan baby ku juga nanti pasti berdarah O...bila disebut tentang jenis darah ni...darah O bermaksud Origin...darah yg origin dan merupakan darah nabi Adam...selepas manusia berevolusi dari zaman paleolitik sampai zaman sekarang lah yg menyebabkan darah jenis2 lain pun aku dapat maklumat dari buku yg aku baca tentang darah ni..menarik buku tu..nantilah aku share..serba ringkas buku itu menyatakan tentang pemakanan yg sesuai mengikut jenis darah...bagi penulis itu...ada makanan yg menjadi ubat buat satu jenis darah tetapi menjadi racun untuk jenis darah yg lain pula....

hmmm...tercerita tentang perkara lain plak..tadi tentang baby...aku sekarang dalam proses pembelajaran dan research macam mana nak jadi ayah ni..hehe..sekarang dah start beli buku dan majalah keibubapaan ni....

tapi aku dok berangan nak amik gambar ngan baby aku nanti...aku dok berangan aku pakai jeans tanpa baju dan baby ku terbaring dibahu ku sambil terlena..gambar tu amik dari angle tepi dan gambar itu mesti hitam puteh...huhhh...mengelamun plak...hehehe....

i love you sayang dan you both....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mama, papa says u r hot!

"Any man can be a father.It takes someone special to be dad"

semua orang boleh menjadi seorang ayah kepada seseorang yang lain...dia hanya perlu sekadar mempunyai beberapa kriteria asas pada dirinya...iaitu dia perlulah seorang lelaki yg tidak mandul dan mempunyai seorang isteri yg juga tidak mandul...kemudian kedua kriteria ini dilengkapkan dengan hubungan seks yg sempurna...lantas dengan izin Allah seseorang itu akan menjadi seorang ayah kepada seseorang yang bakal dilahirkan isterinya itu.....kalau perhubungan itu kerana perkahwinan...maka seseorang itu boleh menBINkan namanya..kalau hubungan itu hasil dari luar perkahwinan..maka ia tidak ada hak.....begitulah secara asasnya seseorang itu menjadi seorang ayah.....

.....tetapi yang paling penting sekali ialah...bagaimana ingin benar benar menjadi seorang ayah??????

"saat di ciptakan laki-laki,tuhan membuatnya sebagai pemimpin keluarga serta sebagai tiang penyagga dari bangunan keluarga ,dia sentiasa akan menahan setiap dari hujungnya ,agar keluarganya aman teduh dan dilindungi"

"diberikan perasaan keras dan gigih untuk berusaha berjuang demi mencintai & mengasihi keluarganya, didalam kondisi atau situasi apapun juga, walaupun tidaklah jarang anak-anaknya melukai perasaannya melukai hatinya.Padahal perasaanya itu pula yang telah memberikan perlindungan rasa aman pada saat dimana anak-anaknya tertidur lelap. Serta sentuhan perasaannya itulah yang memberikan ketenangan bila saat dia sedang menepuk-nepuk bahu anak-anaknya agar selalu menyayangi dan mengasihi sesama saudara."

bila aku tenung muka abahku...hatiku berkata.."terima kasih abah kerna menjadikan siapa along pada hari ini.."...hmmm...aku harapkan anakku juga nanti akan ada perasaan yg serupa....abahku punya cara tersendiri untuk mendidik kami..kegarangannya sangat menyeramkan...hehehe...sampai aku rasa amat takut bila dengar enjin motor abah pulang dari kerja...kalau boleh aku tak mau langsung bertembung dengan abah...situasi paling aku elakkan ialah terpaksa naik kereta bersama abah...abah memang tak ada kompromi langsung dengan anak-anak...abah sentiasa mahukan yg terbaik dari anak-anaknya...
abah tak akan datang sekolah jika ada jemputan hari penyampaian hadiah dan mesyuarat PIBG..abah hanya akan datang jika kami dapat hadiah sahaja..kalau report kad ada yg merah pula.alamatnya..kami pun kena jadi merah juga..hehehe...sesungguhnya abah adalah insan paling menyeramkan...huahahaaa...
tetapi..setelah aku habis SPM dan akan ke universiti...abah memanggilku mengadapnya selepas solat magrib..abah menyuruh aku membaca surah yasin dihadapanya...
setelah selesai membaca yassin..abah menyatakan padaku..

"balong sekarang dah besar..lepas ni balong akan ke universiti..jauh dari mak dan abah..lepas ni balong akan bebas untuk buat apa sahaja kerna abah dan mak jauh..abah dan mak dah berikan yg terbaik untuk mendidik balong.abah harapkan lepas ni balong akan menjadi seseorang yg berguna dan buat lah apa jua keputusan dengan sebaiknya dan jangan tinggal solat.."

selepas peristiwa itu...abah tak pernah memarahi aku lagi...dia bukan lagi menjadi seseorang yg menyeramkan tapi abah seperti sahabat yang boleh berkongsi apa saja..kadang kala boleh layan sms juga ngan abah ni...hehehe..kami boleh borak dan bertanya khabar..boleh gurau-gurau juga...tapi aku tetap menghormati abah dan tak pernah lupakan ajaran abah...tima kasih abah...

"Life doesn't come with an instruction book; that's why we have fathers."

..sekarang turn aku plak nak jadi abah ni...agak kalut juga aku mempersiapkan diri dan emosi...aku harap dapat menjadi seorang abah yg terbaik seperti abahku dan kalau boleh ingin menjadi lebih baik dari abah...untukmu sayangku isteri tercinta...terima kasih atas segalanya....aku akan menjadi ayah dan suami yg terbaik buat kalian berdua..semoga keluarga kecil kita ini akan bertambah meriah dengan keahlian baru...hehehe...

"A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty."

Friday, July 24, 2009


hai all

it has been a while i know
we are both caught up in other pressing matters

and now more than ever i find myself in a state of confusion..about a lot of things..

plus my laptop..being an ageing one..has started to have hiccups or restarting itself merrily or just simply refused to start..sigh

we are pregnant..
and that makes me live with another soul in this big house for about 3 months now
despite the non specific timing of nausea,vomiting,back pain,olfactory difficulties,my ever expanding body (not tummy huhu..there goes my dream of being a sexy pregger mama) still seemed SURREAL..

thanks to munchkin baby..i had a long unexpected stretch of much as i felt guilty knowing my colleagues were working their asses off minus one person in the department,i realised how much i welcomed the break.i had pervaginal bleed at the 6th week while doing my oncall.since munchkin was a mere barely visible heart beats at that time,i was given 3 weeks off.we had weekly follow up which means weekly scan and those were the only opportunities for me to have a glimpse into my baby's world..and make the whole experience a lil more real.not being the old me,i slept the whole 3 weeks away.mmg takde energy to do anything else.kalo dulu mesti dah pusing all available shopping malls..(owh the good old days)..

we werent very excited to tell everybody about the news yet then..and i wasnt brave to let our hopes run high just in case the worst scenario happen

Hubby only got to see the scan pics..pity him hehe.I havent a clue how real all these are to him.I supposed my increased clinginess and weirdness are evidence enough of the pregnancy

then i was finally allowed to work 2 weeks ago.dengan penuh semangat saye bekerja.then..i bled again last week lepas oncall.another week of MC.tomorrow im back for another oncall.i guess maybe this will become a oncall then a weak leave..sounds like a brilliant plan hehe.

2 days ago hubby was present during the follow he got to see munchkin waving hello and kicking it's little legs around.munchkin is a lot bigger now so im less worried even if i bleed looks strong and contented in there.very reassuring indeed my lil baby

having finally reconnected to the cyber world,i was thinking.i must blog about our lil munchkin if not it will feel left out talking to its peers in kindergarten.gosh,all mothers blog bout their kids nowadays..but its really fun reading bout i have become a lazy potato couch since last 3 months.. well not intentionally..but i fear my munchkin will become pemalas like mummy if i dont start to do something better there u first entry of our baby

Sunday, May 17, 2009

real man

......aku baru lepas tengok rancangan temubual DUKE di channel AXN Astro...rancangan ini adalah tentang lelaki...temubual yang membicarakan semuanya tentang lelaki...aku tertarik dengan permulaan perbincangan yang menyatakan sifat paling asas yang harus ada untuk mentakrifkan lelaki sejati atau real man ini ialah seorang lelaki itu perlu ada sifat 3P..Pencari Nafkah, Pelindung dan Pecinta..Pencari nafkah sifat yg paling asas iaitu mencari nafkah untuk memberi keluarganya makan,minum dan tempat tinggal....Pelindung pula ialah sifat wajib yg perlu ada iaitu seorang lelaki itu akan melindungi keluarganya dari sebarang ancaman...seterusnya ialah sifat Pecinta,sifat ini perlu untuk memenuhi kehendak asas manusia selain untuk meneruskan kesinambungan kejadian manusia itu......inilah sifat yang aku rasa akan mentakrifkan sifat lelaki sejati itu sejak zaman paleolitik hingga kezaman serba moden hari ini...
...............dalam rancangan itu juga..mereka menemubual orang ramai secara rawak tentang takrif lelaki sejati ini....ada yang menyatakan lelaki sejati ialah lelaki yang botak..ada yg kata lelaki sejati ialah lelaki yg tak pakai pelembab muka..ada yg kata lelaki sejati ialah lelaki yg berani memakai baju pink dan ada juga yang kata lelaki sejati ini kena ada bulu didada..hmmm...macam-macam lah...tetapi takrifan lelaki sejati itu sendiri subjektif dan terletak pada pahaman masing2....
hmmm...bagi aku pula...A real man is one who shows respect to his Mother and Father(termasuklah mak dan ayah mertua). A real man treats his friends and family and strangers on the street with the same respect as well. A real man loves his children and wife and stays through the thick and the thin. A man that will never lift his hand to a woman's face(aku pantang dengan lelaki dayus yg pukul wanita ni). Who will treat her like a lady with dignity and respect always. Who shows her how much he truly cares and loves her by telling her and surprising her with flowers or love letter at work or home. Cooking dinner(sorry sayang if my masakan tak sodap..hehe) and telling her to just put your feet up honey and let me handle the dishes and putting the kids to bed(insyAllah dah ada anak nanti..bie buat ek.). A real man takes time to teach and show his kids the proper way to go about disputes and teaches them values in life. A real man teaches his children how to respect others and to be kind by example. And when in the presence of his wife, he shows them tenderness and compassion while holding her close. A real man will see someone in distress and offer to help. Real men seek and praise God with their wives and family. Real men do the best they can, they don't cheat, steal or lie to get their way. They are humble, honest and their heart's are soft with love and compassion. Real men can be gentle as a lamb with their wife, children, family and friends. And can be fierce as a lion with offenders. We are both protectors and lovers.......
..........i love you wifey....i just want to be your perfect husband sayang...
every time..every moment..i squeeze my brain work very give my very best to you sayang..and i promise you that i will love you forever....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

di kala 10 min lagi nak balik keje..

we've always had a and hubby
be it my hostel
or oncall room
or rumah mak kedah
or rumah mak rawang

now we have a house to call home
how nice sitting here in our living room blogging

today a patient of mine went berserk
he grabbed one of my housemen from behind threatening to hurt her
thennnnnn boss and a male dr and a male nurse came to the rescue
male dr was punched
boss get the patient's throat..bukan cekik die..tekan je kerongkong patient tu
he was pinned down
ikat kaki tangan

berpeluh saye...
jantung dah jatuh ke lantai agaknye
lup dup lup dup

boss sengih2 kate...wahhhhh jantung saya manyak laju
boss ku chinese yg cumil

seb baik drama tu sebabak je
boleh balik kul 5 arini =D

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Kau Doctor Hatiku

baru-baru ini…seorang timbalan menteri berbangsa hindu telah menangkap 2 orang doctor yang sedang berehat sambil membaca akhbar ketika hampir 30 orang pesakit sedang menunggu untuk dirawat…kemudian menteri berbangsa hindu itu mewar-warkan kesemua akhbar yg kejayaan dia menangkap doctor yg dikatakannya tidak bertanggungjawab itu..dan dengan bangganya doctor berbangsa India itu menyatakan akan lebih kerap akan menangkap doktor2 yg tak bertanggungjawab itu..lagak seorang hero yg hebat yg telah menangkap penjenayah…..

..huhhh…panas..panas..panas bila seseorang mengambil kesempatan untuk mengaut keuntungan politik dia…ni yg membuat aku bertambah racist dengan bangsa India ni…macam ada bidalan orang tua dulu..kalau jumpa hindu dan ular..ketuk hindu tu dulu baru ketuk ular…..mmg India ini..bangsa paling tak guna…kalau boleh dilistkan bangsa paling teruk..bangsa India ni maybe wajar diletakkan kedua selepas bangsa yahudi….

Nasiblah menteri kesihatan yang berbangsa cina itu lebih rasional…dia menjalankan siasatan terlebih dahulu…selepas siasatan..didapati kedua dua doctor tersebut merupakan doctor pelatih yg baru berehat selepas habis syift mereka..dan akhbar yg dibaca pula adalah akhbar lama yg ditinggalkan pesakit…aku ingin bertanya doctor berbangsa India itu…adakah doctor ini bukan manusia…adakah mereka ini ibarat robot..mereka dikerah keringat selanyaknya…doctor ini tidak layak untuk berehat…..??????

Huhh…sungguh dangkal dan bodoh sekali manusia yg di gelar yg berhormat ini…..itulah akibatnya jika kita mengangkat orang bodoh untuk menjadi pemimpin……

Kepada semua rakyat Malaysia juga….jangan jadi bodoh dan dunggu seperti ahli politik berbangsa India itu….menafikan semua pengorbanan doctor….mengambil kesempatan….aku percaya semua doctor berkhidmat dengan ikhlas tanpa mengharapkan apa2 kepada mereka….jarang sekali ada pesakit yg mengucapkan TERIMA KASIH kepada doctor diatas khidmat mereka…kalau ada yg mengucapkannya…ia adalah ungkapan pelik yg diterima….

…kita semua termasuk aku yg bukan dalam bidang perkhidmatan kesihatan ini perlu memahami dan menerangkan betapa besar pengorbanan doctor ini…..mereka juga manusia biasa…..keluar rumah pukul 7pagi dan bernasib baik dapat pulang kerumah esoknya seawall pukul 12tengahari besok tanpa kadangkala dapat sekelippun dapat melelapkan mata…makan pula belum tentu…….

….sesungguhnya apa yg mereka dapat…ditengking pesakit..dijerkah keluarga pesakit…dihumbam dengan cacian dan makian…..manakala para peguam pula sentiasa bersedia untuk menyaman doctor yg melakukan kesilapan seolah doctor ini manusia sempurna yg tak boleh melakukan kesilapan…..

….aku dah tak sanggup nak menulis lagi…andai semua orang didunia ini tidak menghargaimu lagi..percayalah doctor hatiku ini…suamimu ini akan mencintai dan menghargaimu di seluruh hidup ku…CHAIYUK SAYANG!!!!!!!BERUSAHA!!!!!!!

ku rayu rahmatMu

Tanggal 2hb mei iaitu selepas sehari hari pekerja..memang hari sabtu ini tampak biasa…tak lebih sebagai hari sabtu yg saling ulang mengulangi…tapi bagi aku bersama isteriku..hari sabtu kali ini…iaitu hari sabtu 2hb pada tahun 2009 ini merupakan hari paling bermakna dan istimewa dalam hidup kami berdua….

Hari tersebut merupakan hari pertama secara rasminya kami berpindah kerumah baru…pada hari itu segala perancangan kami untuk mengadakan majlis kenduri doa selmat dan tahlil telah berjaya diadakan setelah beberapa bulan merancang dan kadangkala ada krisis pendapat..hehehe…tetapi Alhamdulilah semua itu telah mematangkan kami dan menjadikan kami bertambah erat….i love you sayang..

Alhamdulilah pada hari tersebut iaitu pada lepas solat isyak…bacaan yassin dan doa selamat telah selamat diaadakan..majlis itu diketuai oleh seorg ustaz dari alor setar iaitu rakan kepada pak ngah ku…majlis ini tidaklah diadakan besar besaran..seperti permintaan isteriku..biarlah diadakan secara bersederhana….

Lebih kurang 50 tetamu yang hadir dan hampir kesemuanya sedara kami serta rakan karib…dengan menu nasi minyak,ayam berempah,dalca,ikan masak kicap dan udang galah…Alhamdulilah kedai laris..hehehe

Paling istimewa kehadiran keluarga mertuaku dari selangor dan ayah ibuku….

Sesungguhnya InsyAllah..akan kami adakan majlis seperti ini lagi….moga Allah merahmati dan melindungi kami berdua..Aminnnn

terasa di fitnah

for some reasons today is Doctors' 'kutuk day' in the profession so i just cant help to feel defensive

few days back or was it weeks particular dr spilled out his/her heart's contents to the media..hubby asked me to have a look at it but i didnt..coz i had a preety good idea what he would be talking about..why he wrote to the press?i supposed it was a feeble attempt to give a peek to others into our lives as goverment's servant.believe the settings where im labouring now.. our daily lives i.e medical officers's, wouldnt differ much from his

and our supposedly big boss's public reply would be, i can say IGNORANCE almost its best.mine and my colleagues reaction's upon reading the paper was.. smirking at each other and resumed to finish the emergency op in the OT.

my prayer everyday as i walk into the hospital would be..Ya Allah,please dont let anybody be ill today.Why?so that i can sit properly during my lunch instead of stuffing in food into my throat while running fr one ward to that my whitecoat will be sauce-free if not blood-free.

our satisfaction as doctors when working would be..when the wards and clinics are empty (and mind you it never happens..not even close..the no's increasing exponentially).or when a bed's occupant is a new face the next day..because it means another patient is already well and now rightfully at home with their loved ones...even when we are not.ironically however the public think we doctors are out there to cause harm,it is common phenomena for many to send their bedridden old men for us to care for in the festive seasons,even Hari Kebangsaan.After they are done berhari raya or Gong Xi Fa Cai or Deepavali or Berhari Natal,we have to beg them to come and fetch their pitiful mom/dad/wife/husband/unmarried aunt etc etc

if some of you are dreaming to fill your children's ideals to become a medical personnel against their will..i beg you to would be unfair for them if they are not whole hearted in venturing down this would be tough on you too as it is tough for spouses and families of many a doctor.the price is high once u are you must be prepared to pay.

all the complaints from public is a good sign.It is evidence of increased awareness pertaining to their wellbeing and their rights.We see more patients in the hospital everyday simply because more of our people are educated and concerned enough to seek medical treatment.It shows that the nation is moving forward,in the right direction.Hopefully the heat of 'kutuking' and discussing how evil and lazy the doctors are will get the Ministry of Health on their feet,to correct the loopholes in the service and to reduce our limitations

some doctors doubt about it.the others dont ask anything from our patients,just give us a break and let us do our job in peace.if we doze off in the clinic after a bad call last night, just laugh and wake us up.dont worry,we're just human,we dont bite =D

*OT-operation theater
*call-the day when u have to work 28-36 hours (depending on departments)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Marriage is you &me

Marriage is a commitment.Its success not depend on feelings, circumstances or moods, but on TWO people who are loyal to each other and the vows they took on their wedding day.

Marriage is hardwork. It means chores, disagreements,misunderstandings and times when you might not like each other very much.When you work at it together, it can be the greatest blessing in the world.

Marriage is a relationship where TWO people must listen, compromise and respect. Its an arrangement that requires a multitude of decisions to be made together. Listening, respecting and compromising go a long way toward keeping peace and harmony.

Marriage is a union in which TWO people learn from their mistakes,accept each other's faults and wilingly adjust behaviors that need to be changed.Its caring enough about each other to work thru dissapointing and hurtful times, and believing in the love that brought you together in the 1st place.

Marriage is patience and forgiveness. its being open and honest,thoughtful and kind.Marriage means talking things out, making necessary changes and forgiving each other. its unconditional love at its most understanding and vulnerable, love that supports, comforts and is determined to triumph over every challenge and adversity.

Marriage is a partnership of TWO unique people who bring out the very bestin each other and who know that eventhough they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together.

Marriage is Hazman Zaim & Intan Kartikan...I love you wifey.I could never ever be happy with anyone else no matter how gorgeous or sexy they look..only you can fill the space in my heart.only you wifey....I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

i tag u bie

5 Characteristics of your dream guy/girl

He's mine now..(hidung tinggi mencecah ceiling eheh)
1) Hubby makes me laugh while crying and cry while laughing
2) Hubby is responsible with a capital R
3) Hubby is 4C..confident,cool,caring and the best cheerleader i ever had
4) Hubby has the highest tolerance and understanding of all my antics
5) Hubby is madly in love with me and he makes me equally crazy about him..perhaps more

5 Characteristics that you have never like in a guy/girl

1) Self centred
2) Liar liar
3) Double faced
4) Racist
5) Mean

5 feelings that you have when you're out with the one you admire

1) Im the luckiest girl in the world
2) Floating in a bubble of happiness
3) Fun
4) Secretly wishing that the time will stop and crystalise so he doesnt have to go yet
5) Bliss

5 places that you want to travel with your loved one

1) Melaka (he promised to show me sth)
2) China
3) Mecca (nak pg mase mude..hint hint hubby)
4) Europe esp Holland and Turkey (so that i can show off my travel guide skill to him and because i've only been to the airport in amsterdam)
5) Aussie

5 special things that you would give to your loved one

1) unconditional love that will live even after i die
2) a friend he could count on
3) daily vitamins of encouragement and support,never ending prayers
4) a human punchbag and a human handkerchief for his angst and tears
5) a nice sexy lingerie with my smell ahaks

5 songs that you will sing to your partner

1) Sempurna-anda
2) From this moment-shania twain
3) Im Yours-jason Mraz
4) Keabadian cinta-anuar zain
5) Lagu cheer bola Kedah-ape tajuk?

5 friends that you want to tag
1) Hani
2) Shaz
3) Ikha
4) Shu
5) Niesa

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pantai Beras Basah..i likeeeeeeee

a prompt decision for a holiday can sometimes make the best holiday of all..end of Jan i was quietly calculating if we can have a quick getaway to Langkawi..suddenly hubby called and suggest why dont we spent the weekend there..out of the sudden.with a leap,full imaginary sommersault and a big grin I said YEAYYYYYYYYYYY

so off we went from Kuala Kedah on Feb 1st..reached our supercute,supercheap motel on Chenang it minus the mosquitos.for some reasons they just attacked me.Motel is next to Underwater World..which has trippled its size since the last time i saw it ie early millenium.

despite some wrinkling of nose...uncertain gaze into my eyes on hubby's side in the morning hehe..we managed to go for Island Hopping.How do i say-its worth every penny.The stops are Tasik Dayang Bunting,Pantai Beras Basah,Eagle feeding at i dont remember what it's called.

People say that u can magically get pregnant if u drink some of the water from Tasik DB.erm to me its khurafat la..but i supposed if u do it for fun no harm will be done.Did jokingly asked hubby to drink it hehe.He didnt.Had a dip in the cold water..dip je tak berani nak swim.and we took the solar boat to conquer the whole lake..which we half succeed giving the fact that we were busy doing something else *wink*

eagle feeding was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!Those beautiful creatures just flew high than circled down and grab the chicken thrown on the water.Sleek indeed.

Best part of all..Pantai Beras Basah.I wonder why its not called pantai beras putih coz the sands really white like tepung gandum..bole buat kuih.Hubby was as excited as a kid seeing the clear water he jumped in the second we got there.Qada' tak sempat mandi laut kat Krabi.Nasib baik teringat kewujudan saya lagi then he came and carried me into the water.We had a blast mandi laut after so many years tak berkelah.

hmm before u guys fell asleep i better pass the baton to hubby..ok hubby all yours..

He said to be continued..

Phi Phi Island

Percutian pertamaku bersama isteri tercinta pada 24 november 2008…kami terbang ke Krabi Thailand…dari Krabi kami menaiki ferri menuju ke Phi Phi Island..sebuah pulau indah dan paling jauh dalam gugusan kepulauaan Krabi..hampir 2jam perlayaran ke pulau tersebut dari jeti di Krabi Town..Phi Phi Island merupakan pulau yg sangat terkenal untuk aktiviti Rock Climbing kerana keadaan bentuk gunung ganangnya yg hampir 90 darjah menegak..dan pulau ini juga terkenal kerana pernah menjadi tempat pengembaran sebuah filem terkenal bertajuk “The Beach” lakonan Leonado Di Caprio…

Setiba kami di Phi Phi Island..kami terus dijemput dengan seorang pekerja dari Resort yg telah aku tempah bernama Omar,dia sangat teruja kerana kami orang Islam..dan pantang jumpa kami jer terus bagi salam..dia juga memberitahu kedai makanan halal di pulau tersebut dan masjid…aku menetap 3hari dan 2malam di PHITAPAROM PP RESORT di resort..aku memilih resort itu kerana resort itu dibina di kaki bukit dan kami dapat melihat Phi Phi Island dari tempat tinggi…

Hari pertama di pulau itu…aku Cuma berjala-jalan sekitar pulau tersebut..dan yg paling mengejutkan aku..pulau tersebut tidak mempunyai langsung kenderaan bermotor..yang ada Cuma basikal dan kereta tolak utk membawa barang..dan yang paling menarik tentang pulau ini ialah majoritinya adalah penduduk Islam..hari pertama kami makan disebuah kedai makanan islam..aku makan tom yam dan kowtew thai..huhh..sedap giler…

Aku bangun awal utk menikmati pagi yg indah di Phi Phi Island…kemudian kami telah menyewa sebuah bot yg sederhana besar utk bersiar siar disekitar pulau2 kecil dan snorkeling…dan yg paling best sekali..dalam bot tu..Cuma aku dan isteri tercinta sahaja..mmg privacy habis..hahaha….cuak juga aku first time snorkeling ni..wife aku relax jer sbb dia dah selalu dah…aku pulak yg tertelan air laut akibat nak buat style lebih2..hahaha…

Kemudian malam harinya…kami berjalan lagi disekitar pulau itu..kami juga sempat melihat perlawanan tomoi..huhh..ngeri juga…

Hari terakhir di Phi Phi Island..selepas sarapan pagi..aku dan isteri tercinta berjalan kaki mengelilingi pulau itu..kami pergi Stadium Muay Thai kat pulau itu sambil melihat org putih berlatih tomoi dan melihat juga Tempat Peringatan Mangsa Tsunami…..

Selepas meninggalkan Phi Phi Island..kami bermalam di Krabi Town..aku memilih Greenery Hotel untuk bermalam kerna lokasinya berdekatan Krabi International Airport dan didalam Krabi Town….

Malam di Krabi Town..aku berjalan di sekitar Krabi Town..kami sempat singgah makan di night marketnya…rasa seronok disini sbb banyak org islam dan tak susah nak dapat makan halal..selain itu aku tertarik dengan senibina disini…trafik lightnya paling menarik…lampu trafik dibina seperti dipegang oleh orang hutan yg besar…dan lampu jalan pula dibina seperti digantung dibelalai gajah…..aku juga agak terkejut dengan kehadiran gajah di Tengah pekan…wife aku sempat memberi gajah itu makan tebu…..

Sesungguhnya inilah pengalaman paling bermakna aku..aku bersyukur semuanya selamat walaupun…sehari sebelum aku balik ke Malaysia..lapangan terbang Bangkok telah ditawan penunjuk perasaan..aku bertuah kerna penerbangan aku terus ke Kuala Lumpur tanpa melalui Bangkok….

…hmm..rasa mcm menulis karangan sekolah plak..hahahaha…tapi aku tetap nak abadikan sedikit dari sejuta kegembiraan aku bersama melancong dalam blog aku ni….

the wife says

22 is my lucky no..i never planned to be born on the 22nd, neither the day for my previously loving boyfriend to bring his parents to meet mine..neither the initial date that we fixed to tie the knot.Yet many of the blissful moments in my life fell on this lucky no of mine..22.

hubby is around today..due to some serious problem at work i had a grudge to walk down the long corridor to work and decided against it.a phone call to the boss and he kindly say YES for a leave today.

i didnt realized a tad bit that today is our 3rd 'monthliversary' as hubby put it.i couldnt be more thankful that i made the least im here to celebrate the special day of our lives.not that we have ample time to do so.thus every little second counts.

he's getting ready to go now..always a sad day..sunday.and the vicious cycle starts tomorrow..the waiting.but it's really worth it.

im saying this out loud...anata,AISHITERU!!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009


Change is always a big thing in the new year. It may not outlast the month, but we still make resolutions anyway. Perhaps it is n hope that we can make a fresh start, perhaps it is easier to track our progress if we begin in the beginning. Maybe it is just a trend that everyone hops on. But change will come and it's often inevitable. Some we like and some, not so much. I guess it's all part of being alive.

Hmmm... sengaja aku mulakan penulisan pertama tahun 2009 ni dengan Bahasa Inggeris... ni adalah langkah pertama untuk aku menginternasionalkan blog aku... mana tahu kalau ada mat saleh sesat kat blog aku ni.. sekurang-kurangnya dia akan dapat paham perenggan pertama blog aku ni... tahun baru? apa ada pada tahun baru selain cuti sehari yang aku dapat hari ni.. bila sebut tahun baru.. mulalah orang nak buat azam baru.. nak mulakan sesuatu yang baru... semuanya nak mulakan dengan yang baru... aku rasa kita dah terbiasa nak mulakan semua permulaaan di awalan sebuah permulaan.... terdetik hati tertanya aku sendiri.... kenapa kita tak biasa sahaja memulakan sesuatu permulaan dari pertengahan, persukuan atau di pengakhiran..... sesungguhnya bagi aku.. semuanya adalah perasaan sahaja... kita kena melatih diri kita untuk bermula dari sekarang...

Jam akan terus berdetik... siang akan mengejar malam... malam akan hilang mengganti hari... hari akan berlalu membina bulan.. dan bulan akan mengatur membentuk tahun... sesungguhnya demi masa.. manusia akan berada dalam kehidupan... hidup ini terlalu singkat untuk dibiarkan berlalu dengan perkara yang sia-sia.. ayuh!!! bangun... CHAIYUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

" Life is full of challenges.. when obstacles arise... change your direction to reach your goals... not the decision to get there...."

"Things turn out the best for those who make the best of things turn out.."