Monday, March 30, 2009

i tag u bie

5 Characteristics of your dream guy/girl

He's mine now..(hidung tinggi mencecah ceiling eheh)
1) Hubby makes me laugh while crying and cry while laughing
2) Hubby is responsible with a capital R
3) Hubby is 4C..confident,cool,caring and the best cheerleader i ever had
4) Hubby has the highest tolerance and understanding of all my antics
5) Hubby is madly in love with me and he makes me equally crazy about him..perhaps more

5 Characteristics that you have never like in a guy/girl

1) Self centred
2) Liar liar
3) Double faced
4) Racist
5) Mean

5 feelings that you have when you're out with the one you admire

1) Im the luckiest girl in the world
2) Floating in a bubble of happiness
3) Fun
4) Secretly wishing that the time will stop and crystalise so he doesnt have to go yet
5) Bliss

5 places that you want to travel with your loved one

1) Melaka (he promised to show me sth)
2) China
3) Mecca (nak pg mase mude..hint hint hubby)
4) Europe esp Holland and Turkey (so that i can show off my travel guide skill to him and because i've only been to the airport in amsterdam)
5) Aussie

5 special things that you would give to your loved one

1) unconditional love that will live even after i die
2) a friend he could count on
3) daily vitamins of encouragement and support,never ending prayers
4) a human punchbag and a human handkerchief for his angst and tears
5) a nice sexy lingerie with my smell ahaks

5 songs that you will sing to your partner

1) Sempurna-anda
2) From this moment-shania twain
3) Im Yours-jason Mraz
4) Keabadian cinta-anuar zain
5) Lagu cheer bola Kedah-ape tajuk?

5 friends that you want to tag
1) Hani
2) Shaz
3) Ikha
4) Shu
5) Niesa

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