Friday, July 24, 2009


hai all

it has been a while i know
we are both caught up in other pressing matters

and now more than ever i find myself in a state of confusion..about a lot of things..

plus my laptop..being an ageing one..has started to have hiccups or restarting itself merrily or just simply refused to start..sigh

we are pregnant..
and that makes me live with another soul in this big house for about 3 months now
despite the non specific timing of nausea,vomiting,back pain,olfactory difficulties,my ever expanding body (not tummy huhu..there goes my dream of being a sexy pregger mama) still seemed SURREAL..

thanks to munchkin baby..i had a long unexpected stretch of much as i felt guilty knowing my colleagues were working their asses off minus one person in the department,i realised how much i welcomed the break.i had pervaginal bleed at the 6th week while doing my oncall.since munchkin was a mere barely visible heart beats at that time,i was given 3 weeks off.we had weekly follow up which means weekly scan and those were the only opportunities for me to have a glimpse into my baby's world..and make the whole experience a lil more real.not being the old me,i slept the whole 3 weeks away.mmg takde energy to do anything else.kalo dulu mesti dah pusing all available shopping malls..(owh the good old days)..

we werent very excited to tell everybody about the news yet then..and i wasnt brave to let our hopes run high just in case the worst scenario happen

Hubby only got to see the scan pics..pity him hehe.I havent a clue how real all these are to him.I supposed my increased clinginess and weirdness are evidence enough of the pregnancy

then i was finally allowed to work 2 weeks ago.dengan penuh semangat saye bekerja.then..i bled again last week lepas oncall.another week of MC.tomorrow im back for another oncall.i guess maybe this will become a oncall then a weak leave..sounds like a brilliant plan hehe.

2 days ago hubby was present during the follow he got to see munchkin waving hello and kicking it's little legs around.munchkin is a lot bigger now so im less worried even if i bleed looks strong and contented in there.very reassuring indeed my lil baby

having finally reconnected to the cyber world,i was thinking.i must blog about our lil munchkin if not it will feel left out talking to its peers in kindergarten.gosh,all mothers blog bout their kids nowadays..but its really fun reading bout i have become a lazy potato couch since last 3 months.. well not intentionally..but i fear my munchkin will become pemalas like mummy if i dont start to do something better there u first entry of our baby

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