Wednesday, December 02, 2009


we are at the 8th month..

work is still as bz as ever..had a dragging meeting today..the conclusion is a new motto for our department..WORK LESS AND GET PROMOTED!its a long story.. just feel like writing bout my random thoughts

am afraid of a lot of things lately

been asking around for a nanny..many are heart just didnt have enough trust to leave my lil baby with anyone except hubby..unfortunately he obviously wont make to the list of possible nanny..except maybe during the weekend

bibik?bottom most in the list..dont want my baby to speak with a weird accent plus i am not comfortable having a stranger in the house

second..fear of having to go through a 32 weeks,baby is still breech..aka upside down with its legs nicely tucked in front of its belly which makes vaginal birth praying everyday that it'll turn while doing its sommersault..c-section comes with a lot of complications hence i would do anything to avoid it

third..fear of not being good enough a parent..well if u look at my diet during my pregnancy..u'll understand what i mean.while other mothers are bz storing as much nutrients as possible for their babies..i just eat anything i could grab..while they are researching for ways to teach their babies calculus from an early stage..i just slept on my non call nights..or maybe tried to bloghop and learn something..rarely..

and the list goes on and on..

cant even take good care of am i going to take care of a small baby all alone..

i have to take a deep breath and and and out..phewwww

on a different note

i HEART fresh orange..cant get enough of em..slurp!if bole dapat segelas now heavennyerrrrrr

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