Thursday, December 24, 2009

dari alor setar ke JB

last weekend we made the almost impossible journey from utara to selatan after much debates and nagging from mama n hubby.thank god i was not having severe cramps.i told myself and every muscles in my body..please be strong to tahan the long journey.please please please allow me to go and see my luvly friend shaz on her wedding day..i swear in this world there are only 2 weddings compulsory for me to attend,its a sin if i didnt go.hers is one of them.alhamdullilah..i got to see her as non double chin no spare tyre glamorous fabulous ratu sehari.i am so happy for her..god knows when is the next time we'll be meeting each other again.tapi mmg puas hati eden

after balik rase kesian sgt tgk my hero..hubby huhu.he looked so tired having to drive all the way.massaging me,entertaining my antics,taking care of me every steps of the way.he just smiled and smiled..i heart you B.thank you so much for doing this for means the world to me.sayang janji nanti sayang bagi upah best heheh

we got to do detail scan for munchkin also.munchkin looks so healthy and happy.she already has a good weight..2.5kg.which is bigger than me when i was born.way to go anak mummy!

hmm now im just waiting to do my last call.tak sabar nak abiskan so that i can focus on preparing for munchkin.i think most of her things are ready but my things are far from packed.i pray that she doesnt choose to pop out too early hehe

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