Tuesday, November 03, 2009



update from the north..

today for no reason asyik penat je..pegi keje pon lambat
and baby munchkin gave a me a scare of my life..it didnt move the whole day..i was in the OT thinking if baby is ok..usually during calls it wud be me who didnt realise its movement coz i'll be so absorbed in work..but in OT we'll be quite static..and nada!not a single kick!3 pm i went down to Obs clinic and had a scan..it looked fine enuff..legaaaa mummy..

so where should i start..we are a day shy of 7 month,munchkin is 1.1 kg to be precised now.usually very active..still no pattern of activity and sleep yet.sometimes it'll be awake at 3 am in the morning,kicking while im having my leg cramps.so sweet temankan eden mase eden tgh sakit.im so happy nowadays..ade teman pegi mane2..bile makan pon tak la makan sorg dgn muke toye dah..ade little baby making sommersaults in my womb..approved of the food choice hehe

we've had our detail scan..and the most prominent features munchkin has is a sharp chin..which neither me nor hubby has.we decided it will look like tok kedah.more so in my side of the family,all first borns will usually look like their paternal grandma..hence the conclusion.i should have taken hubby's photo after the scan..he looked so angau as if he was walking on cloud 9..i was almost jealous of the baby *grin*.we were just in time to see it in action..it was sucking its thumb..then gulp down the amniotic fluid..crossed its long legs..mummy really wants it to have papa's height and long lashes.papepon asalkan munchkin sihat..mummy sebenanye tak kisah.

we already have a name for munchkin..almost finalised.it has both our names in it hehe.i have a new craze now.shopping for baby stuffs..seronot!! dah lame tak rase seronot shopping macam now..we didnt buy expensive cloths coz baby will grow up fast.but we did invested a bit for gadgets..bole pass to our coming babies insyaAllah =D.kesian hubby laaa..since i rarely have time..i heret him around KL in 3 days trying to get everything.everyday he pengsan right after we reached home.kat SP..i online window shopping from my couch..every single day..sgt best hihi

im doing my final countdown..we are reaching our BIG Day in a few weeks time.looking back..it was the best year of my life..and i know that many more are coming our way

i could never thank the Almighty enough for hubby
He has made me blissfully happy every second that passed
i thank Allah that hubby sees beauty in my flaws
thank Him that hubby is amused by my silliness and weakness
I am full of gratitudes for every gestures and comfort he gave me
i cherished every laugh and tear we shared together

i pray that hubby is happy
there are so many things i havent done for him
i am yet to bake his favourite moist choc cake
i am yet to master the best way to goreng koay teow
but i hope he'll give me a lifetime due date to do everything for him
and i swear i will try my very best..
i am not good with words as he is..but i hope he can feel the love in the air everytime he thinks of me

cant wait to see hubby talks to munchkin this weekend..its the most beautiful picture i've captured in my heart

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