Wednesday, May 06, 2009

terasa di fitnah

for some reasons today is Doctors' 'kutuk day' in the profession so i just cant help to feel defensive

few days back or was it weeks particular dr spilled out his/her heart's contents to the media..hubby asked me to have a look at it but i didnt..coz i had a preety good idea what he would be talking about..why he wrote to the press?i supposed it was a feeble attempt to give a peek to others into our lives as goverment's servant.believe the settings where im labouring now.. our daily lives i.e medical officers's, wouldnt differ much from his

and our supposedly big boss's public reply would be, i can say IGNORANCE almost its best.mine and my colleagues reaction's upon reading the paper was.. smirking at each other and resumed to finish the emergency op in the OT.

my prayer everyday as i walk into the hospital would be..Ya Allah,please dont let anybody be ill today.Why?so that i can sit properly during my lunch instead of stuffing in food into my throat while running fr one ward to that my whitecoat will be sauce-free if not blood-free.

our satisfaction as doctors when working would be..when the wards and clinics are empty (and mind you it never happens..not even close..the no's increasing exponentially).or when a bed's occupant is a new face the next day..because it means another patient is already well and now rightfully at home with their loved ones...even when we are not.ironically however the public think we doctors are out there to cause harm,it is common phenomena for many to send their bedridden old men for us to care for in the festive seasons,even Hari Kebangsaan.After they are done berhari raya or Gong Xi Fa Cai or Deepavali or Berhari Natal,we have to beg them to come and fetch their pitiful mom/dad/wife/husband/unmarried aunt etc etc

if some of you are dreaming to fill your children's ideals to become a medical personnel against their will..i beg you to would be unfair for them if they are not whole hearted in venturing down this would be tough on you too as it is tough for spouses and families of many a doctor.the price is high once u are you must be prepared to pay.

all the complaints from public is a good sign.It is evidence of increased awareness pertaining to their wellbeing and their rights.We see more patients in the hospital everyday simply because more of our people are educated and concerned enough to seek medical treatment.It shows that the nation is moving forward,in the right direction.Hopefully the heat of 'kutuking' and discussing how evil and lazy the doctors are will get the Ministry of Health on their feet,to correct the loopholes in the service and to reduce our limitations

some doctors doubt about it.the others dont ask anything from our patients,just give us a break and let us do our job in peace.if we doze off in the clinic after a bad call last night, just laugh and wake us up.dont worry,we're just human,we dont bite =D

*OT-operation theater
*call-the day when u have to work 28-36 hours (depending on departments)

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