Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bermulanya sebuah pengakhiran

Sesuatu pengakhiran itu adalah sebuah permulaan.... dan sebuah permulaan itu adalah satu pengakhiran....... hmmm.. terdetik hati tertanya sendiri.... seperti mana berakhirnya tahun 2010 dan bermulanya tahun 2011... seperti mana berakhirnya kehidupan aku sebagai seorang suami mingguan kepada suami harian....dan seperti mana berakhirnya kehidupan aku di kuarters hospital sultan abdul halim untuk bermula semula kehidupan sementara di rawang sebelum menetap semula di tempat aku menimba ilmu dulu untuk menjadi seperti saat ini.... SHAH ALAM... AKU KEMBALIIIII !!!!!!!!

Shah Alam... sebuah bandar raya yang mendamaikan.... sebuah bandar raya indah mempesona..sebuah bandaraya yang sarat dengan kenangan dan pengorbanan aku dari seorang mahasiswa.. lelaki bujang.. suami orang dan sekarang bapak orang... huhu... begitu pantas masa berlalu...setahun terasa sehari.... sehari terasa sedetik....

Bila mana wifey tercintaku mengenakan syarat tempat pemilihan kawasan kediaman kami... iaitu rumah kami mestilah kawasan yang majoritinya penduduk islam melayu... kawasan yang rumah yang berpijak di atas tanah... dan kawasan yang membantu tumbesaran pemikiran anak kami... maka Shah Alamlah yang terlintas.. dan alhamdulillah moga rumah baru kami ini menjadi saksi kebahagiaanku bersama isteri serta permata hati ku......

Hmmm... pertama hatiku Imaan Khadeja Aisha... sudah setahun sebulan umurnya sekarang.... dia memang mendamaikan... menenangkan serta menghiburkan.... walaupun kadangkala aku terpaksa bersengkang mata tengah malam buta hanya untuk meneman dia bermain dan membaca gambar... hehehe... aku rela walaupun terpaksa... semua kerna mu Imaan... hehehe...

Semoga tahun 2011 menjadikan aku lebih cemerlang sebagai hubby kepada wifeyku serta papa yang cool untuk permata hatiku itu.... aku mendoakannya.... papa love mummy dan imaan.... muahhhsss

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I.K.A at 1 month (plus 1 day actually)

Imaan Khadeja Aisha was 1 month old yesterday..she had her Hep B jab and 1 month check up at KK Batu Arang (sungguh pekan koboi tempat itu)..was cranky and extra clingy whole day hence the entry can only be written today..mummy tau sayang sakit..kesyiannn princess mummy

At 1 month,she can...
-smile to herself and to mummy,papa,tuk mama and wan de when we r talking to her and of course in her sleep

-vocalise..kadang2 dengar eyap,gege,okhe,hmmm..mummy thinks u r so adorable

-finally can sleep longer at night..dah 4 hari tido lame..if not means mummy has to rock her in her arms,sang her lullabye and zikir and citer rapunzel,snow white,kisah chenta mummy and papa etc etc from 12 to 6 am..no break mummy..WE HAVE TO ONCALL!!

-fully breastfeed alhamdullilah...susu mummy finally enuff to make her full in the third week of life..no more waking papa up to bancuh susu or warm pumped breastmilk in the wee hour in the morning..tendang itu frisolac gold ke tepi debushhhhh!! mmg sakit hati mummy terpaksa kasi susu lembu kat princess mummy ni

-recognise papa,mummy,tuk mama and wan de

-open her eyes wide and move her head around looking at everything around her as if trying to absorb all the info and learning..and can follow mummy's movement even when im at the corner of the room

-express herself..when she can still wait before being picked up..she will give warning oh and ah,then a short shout,then only a good loud cry.if she doesnt like something..she'll cry out so loud instantly

-negotiate..when she's crying refusing to be put down..mummy can try to negotiate telling her eg kite cuci poo poo dulu ye..nanti mummy pick up.she can actually stays put until after we finished changing her diaper..provided we are quick hehe

she looks a lot like papa
her nose is like papa's
her hairline sejibik cam papa
her ears are miniature version of papa's
she's tall like papa..at 1 month..she's 57cm tall
she's chubby like both papa and mummy hehe..at 1 month..she's 4.44 kg
she's red..yup not pink red..merah padam cam papa..when she cries she looks like udang kene bakar
she sleeps with papa's style..sgt same but mummy just too sleepy at night to take their picture together
her eyelashes are like papa's
her eyes however..are her owns..tak same ngan sesape pon

i must be sad u think that she's papa's lil girl
while the exterior are all papa's
her interior is definitely a copy of IKA Sr hehe
so..she's still mummy's lil girl too

hmm need to cont the last entry...my khadeja is crying next door..better go get her first..toodles

Thursday, February 25, 2010


hai peeps...finally got a chance to jot down sth..i've been itching to do this for long..after the arrival of our bundle of joy * IMAAN KHADEJA AISHA * 25 days ago i mean

28 JAN 2010 2300 HR- no signs of labour even tell tale that im going into labour yet..mulut dah muncung..hati dah gundah..hmm post date lah anakku ini.tapi....

mak aiiiii panasnye badan..mmg shirtless.and hubby has to tepid sponge my body as i was like cacing kepanasan.then zzzzzzz....

29 JAN 2010 0330 HR
Bladder said " i wanna pee,i wanna pee"..i felt sth like coming out down there already..ying ying..did i wee wee or my water broke?nahhhh then off i go wee wee for real.the minute i lied back on the bed..hot water just came out and wet my whole sarong...with a smile on my face..i woke an extremely mamai hubby who jumped ready to go mandi to go to work thinking its already 6..told him calmly "im going into labour"..and calmly instructed him what to do.but being calm didnt help hubby apparently hehe..he still panicked deep down inside i knew

hubby was really confused how i was so comfortable packing my things and went to the kitchen to get sth to eat.we woke my parents up after 2 hours telling that my water broke at 3.i told hubby i didnt have the slightest pain..hence the manner.after subuh we headed straight to UMRA at shah alam

0700 HR
checked by Dr K..u r 1 cm now.we'll send u to the ward.up we went and antibiotics+enema was given to me. i thought they'll leave me alone till i'm 3 cm then only they'll send me to the labour room.like what we usually practise at Sg Petani.But a few mins later Dr K came and told me Dr U asked me to be sent to labour room and they would start pitocin (an agent to kick start my contraction) straight away.puzzled but since im under their care..eden ikut jo lah

0730 HR
in labour room...pitocin started..CTG wrapped around my belly..baby's heartbeat always atad bit on the low side
Dr K "do u want pethidine (analgesia)?"..me "thats fine,im still having zero pain"
the minute she left..my contraction began..and hence the pain
it gets stronger and stronger and more regular..i think once every 4 mins..i was praying that i will open fast..Dr K said my cervix was quite promising that it wont take long

1030 HR
Dr U showed up.I was examined.2 cm..hmm some progress.she asked how I was..with a kelat smile i said "great".hubby kat sebelah dah tersengguk-sengguk ngantuk.dah le kene marah sbb letak air kat muka saye tetibe.by that time the pain was excruciating and i started whimpering..was really considering asking for pethidine..really sleepy but couldnt possibly sleep due to the pain

1230 HR
i asked the nurse for pethidine..she went out to get the Dr.Dr U came..do u want epidural?yes please,now no more smiling..just ohw and ahh and both my hips were killing me in addition to my contraction.i couldnt put my leg down..sgt sakit hips jugak.hubby nye muke dah pucat i pity him but cant say anything to make him feel better.Dr U said the anaesthesiologist,Dr A was in the OT attending 1 caesar,so she'll be there in half and hour

1315 HR
Dr A finally arrived,i lied there thinking of Allah not knowing what else to do as the pain was a minute apart.i was hoping the epidural will help.everybody says there will be no pain at all until u deliver pon tatau bile nak push.so they sat me up,hugging hubby to get into the right position.the minute she put the needle on my back..i felt a severe shooting pain down my left leg..i screamed.she calmed me down then the leg pain subsided.ape la yg jadi sebenanye.pastu..rase contraction pain kurg sket..baru rase cam bertenang.but i still felt the pain.still couldnt sleep.hubby left for Friday prayer..mama came in to teman me.

1500 HR
contraction pain getting stronger despite the epidural..i was whimpering again.the nurse asked how i was doing.i just said the epidural was not working anymore.i couldnt stay still.i couldnt move so much either due to my hips pain.she went off to get the Dr again.and the pain continued

Dr U came in.By now,there was no gap between the contraction.Pain was continuous i felt so tired and spent.She gave me a bolus of epidural cocktail.VE done-3 cm.she looked at me and hubby-"maybe u need..and i sambung "caesarean?".she nodded."u've been in labour for 13 hours now..we'll see another 2 hours.if u tak bukak..then caesar..i nodded weakly.frustrated nye hati Allah aje yg tau..air mate pon tup tup jatuh atas pillow.dlm hati screaming "I DONT WANT!!!I DONT WANT!!!" hubby kate..it's ok asalkan sayang n baby selamat..i kept on crying.since the contraction was so intense i thought i will eventually dilate

1815 HR
the past hours i tried to find peace in letting myself having a caesar and dealing with the pain.i know next time im going into labour i shouldnt ask for epidural coz it simply didnt work for me.sakit mmg tak tahan cam nak kuar air mata darah je.Dr U
came and did VE again-still 3 cm.Final-we are going for caesar.They put me in a gown.i walked to the OT which is just next door with difficulty.By then i was praying that Dr A will come soo as i couldnt bear the pain anymore.I heard them talking.i told them i need to wee wee.i was really groggy.

The next thing i know i was in a dream-like state.I felt like there were people operating on me but my eyes were blurred.i thought i could feel the diathermy slashing my tummy and i screamed in my throat "pain,pain".then...i couldnt remember anything

to be continued....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

the birth story

i read my friend's birth story today..kecut perutku..dr nak cepat2 deliver jadi takut plak..the pain is unimaginable.i used to be the person on the other end during labour.. meaning the one who's waiting for the baby to pop out with words of encouragement chewah..but to be the star of the show..mak aii..eden feels like chickening out but u cant possibly do so can u..so kene la menghadapinye..

banyak2 doa ajelah

been getting a lot of texts asking bout the baby..tp sumenye hampa coz baby is still playing inside

been harrased by org2 pejabat di hospital..mase kite cuti ni lah nak suruh settle sume bende..dah tuh kite cakap kite dah nak beranak nih..tak kire doctor kene settle jugak..buat berasap telinga eden je..tak considerate langsung..sape2 ade sedara rase nak keje kat sepital sungai petani tuh..pilih je la sepital lain..safe urself the madness

hmm emo2 nih tak baik tuk kesihatan..baik pg makan ice cream..chiow

Friday, January 22, 2010

my past few weeks


im in rawang right now..under the safe care of mama n ayah and of course hubby dearest..yeah.. a lucky turn of fate i supposed

my past few weeks was chaotic to the core though i thought i was keeping my sanity quite well

i was under so much stress which was not obvious to me but when mama came to teman me in SP as i was already entering my 9th month of pregnancy..she stressed out how terrible i was that she was worried sick looking at me

3 weeks ago we had a bombshell..my bestfriend's husband passed away suddenly until he had to undergo a postmortem to ascertain the cause of death..we went to A level college together so i knew him in person..i just couldnt bear to imagine how she was keeping up with the sorrow..but she's a strong lady.ayat die cakap ngan saye..takpe,ade orang lebih baik pergi awal kalau die mmg dah sedia.i could only talk to her on the phone as i was still doing calls then.they have a lovely lil boy,just reaching 2 years of age.what we can do is just to be there for her when she needs us..and so far i think she's doing great.i am so proud of her.i guess if u have a kid,the baby will be the best penguat semangat and the strongest reason for us to continue living

coming to term..my body was not keeping up with my spirit.i was still full of semangat going to work..colleagues said no more calls after 36 weeks so that was grant.but i still operate,went to clinic and wards.moving around non stop.all in the good faith that it will make my delivery fast and easier.thats when my legs started to balloon up until they look like a pair of kaki gajah.then the left one became smaller but my right leg just refused to shrink.i let them be for 2 weeks..thinking its normal in pregnancy.then pain started to kick in..i was thinking along a dangerous diagnosis..do I have DVT (Deep venous thrombosis = a disease where u have blood clots in ur vessels that can dislodge and clot the vessels in your lung/heart ie DEATH).its very unlikely given the fact i was very2 active

so blood test was done-ABNORMAL.my gynae friend told me to see her again the next day.i called boss..despite his ramble that 'it is nothing,just caused by your pregnancy,its something to do with ur umbilical cord,urgh my patho book is in KL..but i still think it's not DVT.u r walking etc etc..'..there were notes of concern in his voice..so i was like praying hard and tried not to panic coz mama is at home and hubby was in KL and i must not make them panic

next morning while in the OT operating.. i received a call from gynae friend-Intan u kene masuk ward laa...mati la I tak suruh u masuk ward smalam.so i was like..ok kejap lagi dah abis op ni i'll come and c u..bos and all collegues were there making jokes so i left the OT dgn bergayanye to masuk ward.takdelah boss panggil saye pemalas saje tanak keje bile dah term kan hehe

then i had a scan of both legs..not really normal but not dangerous either.was referred to medical team..luckily specialist yg tgk was my neighbour sebelah rumah hehe.dok dalam ward 1 night bosannnnnyerrrrr.dah la eventful coz the lady beside me just delivered and jatuh 2 kali dlm ward so asyik terdengar jeritan..doctor,tolong!!!..tula dah namenye keje dr nih masuk ward pon kene treat patient..in conclusion..i dapat MC 2 weeks which is really near to my due date..so i mencutikan diri terus sampai deliver nyeh nyeh

like magic my swollen legs shrink after i came back from ward..last week i felt like i was already going into labour so we hastily packed everything and came back to KL.

today is my 39th week.and munchkin showed no signs of coming out yet.it seems like she's getting more and more comfortable in there.i dont wanna go post date..but everybody else sibuk nak samekan birthday die ngan diorg..waduh2 mummy tak larat nak tunggu dah..now rase mcm over rested plak.papepon i just pray that everything will go smoothly and both me and baby selamat.

maybe next time the blog will have photos.menarik sket kan..

Sunday, January 03, 2010

selamat tahun baru 2010

...suatu ketika dulu pada 10 november 2004...aku memaparkan penulisan aku yang pertama dalam blog AKU DAN SESUATU ini yang sekarang ini diubah menjadi blog KAMI DAN SESUATU..seiring dengan status aku yang sudah dimiliki..hehehe...dan sekarang adalah penulisan aku yang pertama pada tahun 2010..iaitu telah hampir 6 tahun aku melibatkan diri dalam bidang penulisan di alam maya ini...terima kasih buat sahabat aku encik kelambu@ azhan uthmani atas semangat yang diberi dalam merealisasikan blog aku yang telah berumur 6 tahun in....
sepanjang aku berblog ini...disinilah tempat aku meluahkan perasaan..mencoret apa sahaja yang terlintas dihati...aku tidak pernah merancang dalam setiap penulisan...cuma..buka komputer..dan terus taip...
.....Alhamdulilah...umur aku dipanjangkan Allah untuk terus bernafas didunia ini...Alhamdulilah dengan kebahagiaan yang aku terima sekarang...sesungguhnya aku amat bersyukur dengan rahmatmu ya Allah..benarlah pesan Nabi...isteri yang solehah adalah harta yang paling bermakna dalam dunia ini...dan sekarang ini aku merasakannya...kehidupan ini menjadi terlalu indah buatku...dia mengubah malamku menjadi malam paling indah..dia mengubah siangku menjadi siang yang paling bercahaya dan dia sentiasa mengubah sedihku menjadi ketawaku dan dia jugalah yang mengubah takutku menjadi kekuatanku....aku cinta padamu isteriku...
.....hmmm...yang paling hebat akan berlaku dalam hidupku pada tahun 2010 ini ialah kami akan menerima ahli baru dalam keluarga Hazman...kehadiran zuriatku yang merupakan cahaya mata pengikat kasih sayang kami...sesungguhnya tiada kata atau ungkapan yang dapat menggambarkan betapa hebatnya perasaan ini....muga semuanya selamat..amin
.....selamat tahun baru 2010...muga tahun ini menjanjikan kebahagiaan yang lebih bermakna buat semuanya...