Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pantai Beras Basah..i likeeeeeeee

a prompt decision for a holiday can sometimes make the best holiday of all..end of Jan i was quietly calculating if we can have a quick getaway to Langkawi..suddenly hubby called and suggest why dont we spent the weekend there..out of the sudden.with a leap,full imaginary sommersault and a big grin I said YEAYYYYYYYYYYY

so off we went from Kuala Kedah on Feb 1st..reached our supercute,supercheap motel on Chenang it minus the mosquitos.for some reasons they just attacked me.Motel is next to Underwater World..which has trippled its size since the last time i saw it ie early millenium.

despite some wrinkling of nose...uncertain gaze into my eyes on hubby's side in the morning hehe..we managed to go for Island Hopping.How do i say-its worth every penny.The stops are Tasik Dayang Bunting,Pantai Beras Basah,Eagle feeding at i dont remember what it's called.

People say that u can magically get pregnant if u drink some of the water from Tasik DB.erm to me its khurafat la..but i supposed if u do it for fun no harm will be done.Did jokingly asked hubby to drink it hehe.He didnt.Had a dip in the cold water..dip je tak berani nak swim.and we took the solar boat to conquer the whole lake..which we half succeed giving the fact that we were busy doing something else *wink*

eagle feeding was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!Those beautiful creatures just flew high than circled down and grab the chicken thrown on the water.Sleek indeed.

Best part of all..Pantai Beras Basah.I wonder why its not called pantai beras putih coz the sands really white like tepung gandum..bole buat kuih.Hubby was as excited as a kid seeing the clear water he jumped in the second we got there.Qada' tak sempat mandi laut kat Krabi.Nasib baik teringat kewujudan saya lagi then he came and carried me into the water.We had a blast mandi laut after so many years tak berkelah.

hmm before u guys fell asleep i better pass the baton to hubby..ok hubby all yours..

He said to be continued..

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