Sunday, February 22, 2009

the wife says

22 is my lucky no..i never planned to be born on the 22nd, neither the day for my previously loving boyfriend to bring his parents to meet mine..neither the initial date that we fixed to tie the knot.Yet many of the blissful moments in my life fell on this lucky no of mine..22.

hubby is around today..due to some serious problem at work i had a grudge to walk down the long corridor to work and decided against it.a phone call to the boss and he kindly say YES for a leave today.

i didnt realized a tad bit that today is our 3rd 'monthliversary' as hubby put it.i couldnt be more thankful that i made the least im here to celebrate the special day of our lives.not that we have ample time to do so.thus every little second counts.

he's getting ready to go now..always a sad day..sunday.and the vicious cycle starts tomorrow..the waiting.but it's really worth it.

im saying this out loud...anata,AISHITERU!!!!

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