Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I.K.A at 1 month (plus 1 day actually)

Imaan Khadeja Aisha was 1 month old yesterday..she had her Hep B jab and 1 month check up at KK Batu Arang (sungguh pekan koboi tempat itu)..was cranky and extra clingy whole day hence the entry can only be written today..mummy tau sayang sakit..kesyiannn princess mummy

At 1 month,she can...
-smile to herself and to mummy,papa,tuk mama and wan de when we r talking to her and of course in her sleep

-vocalise..kadang2 dengar eyap,gege,okhe,hmmm..mummy thinks u r so adorable

-finally can sleep longer at night..dah 4 hari tido lame..if not means mummy has to rock her in her arms,sang her lullabye and zikir and citer rapunzel,snow white,kisah chenta mummy and papa etc etc from 12 to 6 am..no break mummy..WE HAVE TO ONCALL!!

-fully breastfeed alhamdullilah...susu mummy finally enuff to make her full in the third week of life..no more waking papa up to bancuh susu or warm pumped breastmilk in the wee hour in the morning..tendang itu frisolac gold ke tepi debushhhhh!! mmg sakit hati mummy terpaksa kasi susu lembu kat princess mummy ni

-recognise papa,mummy,tuk mama and wan de

-open her eyes wide and move her head around looking at everything around her as if trying to absorb all the info and learning..and can follow mummy's movement even when im at the corner of the room

-express herself..when she can still wait before being picked up..she will give warning oh and ah,then a short shout,then only a good loud cry.if she doesnt like something..she'll cry out so loud instantly

-negotiate..when she's crying refusing to be put down..mummy can try to negotiate telling her eg kite cuci poo poo dulu ye..nanti mummy pick up.she can actually stays put until after we finished changing her diaper..provided we are quick hehe

she looks a lot like papa
her nose is like papa's
her hairline sejibik cam papa
her ears are miniature version of papa's
she's tall like papa..at 1 month..she's 57cm tall
she's chubby like both papa and mummy hehe..at 1 month..she's 4.44 kg
she's red..yup not pink red..merah padam cam papa..when she cries she looks like udang kene bakar
she sleeps with papa's style..sgt same but mummy just too sleepy at night to take their picture together
her eyelashes are like papa's
her eyes however..are her owns..tak same ngan sesape pon

i must be sad u think that she's papa's lil girl
while the exterior are all papa's
her interior is definitely a copy of IKA Sr hehe
so..she's still mummy's lil girl too

hmm need to cont the last entry...my khadeja is crying next door..better go get her first..toodles