Sunday, January 24, 2010

the birth story

i read my friend's birth story today..kecut perutku..dr nak cepat2 deliver jadi takut plak..the pain is unimaginable.i used to be the person on the other end during labour.. meaning the one who's waiting for the baby to pop out with words of encouragement chewah..but to be the star of the show..mak aii..eden feels like chickening out but u cant possibly do so can kene la menghadapinye..

banyak2 doa ajelah

been getting a lot of texts asking bout the sumenye hampa coz baby is still playing inside

been harrased by org2 pejabat di hospital..mase kite cuti ni lah nak suruh settle sume bende..dah tuh kite cakap kite dah nak beranak nih..tak kire doctor kene settle jugak..buat berasap telinga eden je..tak considerate langsung..sape2 ade sedara rase nak keje kat sepital sungai petani tuh..pilih je la sepital urself the madness

hmm emo2 nih tak baik tuk kesihatan..baik pg makan ice cream..chiow

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