Friday, April 06, 2007


hmmm... aku baru lepas antar assignment kepada lecturer aku.. dah terbuka blog aku ni.. so aku pun copy je apa yang aku tulih dalam blog.. lec aku bagi last asignment dengan kena cerita apa yang aku plan untuk 5 tahun akan datang...


Actually I have never ever though of what will I be after five years time. But as this assignment is given, it gives me opportunity to evaluate and estimated what my life will be and how it will become. Basically during these five years, which after graduating I am sure will be involves in working environment. My plan after graduating is to be part of manufacturing industry. I chose this industry because it will give better experiences than others industry about how to develop and manage business. Furthermore if I work in manufacturing industry it will provide me useful experience and most importantly challenge when I work under pressure and how to manage workers under my supervision. By having this opportunity I’m sure that I will be more confidence in life and applying all of the engineering knowledge in actual work. Engineering is not about passing an exam and obtain a piece of paper, but is about how we approach problem. In the other hand, by involving job with multilevel of employees is the best opportunity for me in order to survive and excellent working in teamwork.

During these five years I will get married to a nice and my beloved woman after growing up our relationship for almost three years. During this period we could manage ourselves tend to survive since a lot of problems appear when this relationship growing. That is because the power of love growing inside our heart through from the bottom of journey in our life. Therefore from this moment I hope that I could build happiness family with several of children and life together till the end. After five year, where I have plenty of money that can use as a capital for develop my own company, I will quit working as an engineer in factory that is not mine and become a technoprenuer for my own company.

The reason why I chose is to become a technoprenuer because by viewing to the Islamic point of view this field can be the best key to success in my career and life. Since the business is golden opportunity to develop career and gain lot of income. I also want to motive myself in order to polish up my skilled in applied creativity, thrive in response to challenge and look for unconventional solutions.

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